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Training the Trainers - National Tourism College Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Africa
                                                Customer Service Training - Hotels Georgetown Guyana,
 Legacy Award presented by Wendy Harris CEO of CESO and Member of Parliament Jenny Kwan for services shared.
R.G. (Bob) Tuss

Business Development Solutions
“ A unique mosaic in that the principles of Business Development are woven with imagination, vision and disciplined practical expertise. The true ‘gift’ of reaching deep, bringing out the best in colleagues and client’s.”

       Ask your Consultants if they have ACTUALLY done what they are advising you to do?
 We 'Actually' have!  

 Coaching, Advisor, Consultant, Trainer

* Hotel & Resort - Full Management & International Marketing Expertise
* Restaurant and Food Services Management/Training.
* Customer Service Training Hospitality Industry
* Hotel Cloud Based Mgt Systems & Online Marketing Channel Integration
*Tourism Marketing Plans - Broad to Strategic niche targets
* Community Tourism Strategic Planning. Action Plans - Towns, City, State, Federal
*  Indigenous Touristic Development Worldwide. Rural & Remote, Farm Tourism
* Website & Social Media Marketing, Full Digital Marketing Services. Website & Video Optimization, Analytics, SEO, ONLINE Marketing Expert
* Service Culture Training
* Sales Training - Basic to multi-layered complex applications
* Crisis Management
* Tour Packaging F.I.T. & Effective Profitable Experiential Group Packaging
* Tourism Audit, Indexing, Asset Mapping, Evaluation
* Needs Assessment
* Security Solutions - Simple to Complex. Logistics, Personal & Target Hardening
* Personal Courier High Security Documents. Seasoned
* Coffee Officianado. Cacao Powder Production and Distribution
Professional Video Productions. Award Winning. Affordable. Created by OZ Yilmaz
Sample Video

                                                         THE CLIENTS
Hotel & Resorts, Tour, Travel &Tourism Development, Stakeholder Liaison, Tourism Providers. Community. Government. 
*Trends - *Mission Crafting *Image - Branding - eCommerce Marketing - Website, SEO and Effective Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ YouTube, Instagram, etc. )
* Risk Assessment. High Level Security Solutions. Harden soft targets.  
* Hospitality & Tourism Provider Website Development & Video Productions

Proven Performance Worldwide! Testimonials say it best!
"You are surely the best consultant in the world! I remember hearing about blogging for the first time from you when no one in Armenia had any idea about it."  Lilit - Yerevan Armenia. 

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La Paz Bolivia Tourism Symposium La Paz Territory Tourism Development.
Cartagena Colombia, Palenque Community Business Development Review. Train the Trainers Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Pijao Colombia, Coffee Farming and 'Slow City' Pijao President, Tourism and Product Promotion.  Palestina Peru family unit looking at expanding their farming enterprise to  additional Cacao & Commercial Bamboo.