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Consulting is more than expressing theory and abstracts. My expertise goes beyond and encompasses “hands on” experience. There is no better understanding of business than the investment of your own money and the signing of personal checks every month. You have to bank on your decisions. Our long service in the marketplace puts reality in perspective. “Out of the box” Tried true. New economy and old. Website, Professional Video and Social Media Savvy.  Building solid business strategies. Sometimes, just another opinion may be all you need.


Developing the engine that drives the enterprise to determined goals is exciting. My creative spirit has helped many clients’ find their way “ out of the sand box.” Normality is dull. My reputation has been built, beyond all other abilities, as Marketer extraordinary.The milestones are proof positive. A record of winning enterprises shows the valuable contributions made and indeed the making of many clients’ very, very, rich.
“Seeing beyond the horizon and determining how to make the journey real is the essence of marketing. "Solutions are crafted with bold strokes and imagination.


Project by project. Senior level or middle assignments. Recognized experience and expertise to jump right in. What role? Good guy? Bad guy? Interim CEO, Leader. General Administrator. Troubleshooter. Proven leadership abilities have been demonstrated.

Leadership in Franchise, Large or Small Hotel, Resort, Tour Operations, Restaurants – traditional or fast food. Technology.  IPO and Public Company initiation.

Management skills have touched all sizes and shapes. Start-up scenarios.


Inter-departmental training. Service training. Sales training. Management skills training. Focus Groups. Evaluations. Personal experience as Instructor in post secondary academic environments as well as our own staff training in various businesses for invested company’s and client’s, lend the expertise offering your staff skills they may really wish elevated or simply to re-assure they know their job well. COMMUNITY TRAINING IS IMPORTANT, SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS, LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS.


Foremost in the minds of all business - SELL THE PRODUCT!

Develop action plans that make your investment in the marketing model pay off. Marketing is a framework and creates a desired goal. Promoting your business and selling the product is making that marketing plan come to life.


Lobby. Expertise as Chair over the years with numerous organizations and governments bring the delicate balance required in persuasion to the forefront.

Working with government agencies in establishing agendas, white paper studies, nurturing, and other requirements to the benefit of client’s and others.

Mediation between both organizations/government and strategies to solve conflict issues. Required “stick handling” internal and external relations Planning and advise on Media and Public persona.

How to deal with media and regulators. Information dissemination that works.


Having served as Director on public company boards and negotiated financing at different levels of growth I am familiar with Investment models, acquisitions, mergers, and alliance strategies. Creating public investor confidence models is paramount. Bob has worked in operational development in Internet Technology, Mining, Micro-Hydro and Solar energy solutions. The projects clearly identify Bob can chew gum and walk at the same time. The depth of experience is truly deep.


-International Corporation with in-house training. (Hilton Hotels). Quickly, accelerated into management divisions and then as Head Office executive (Corporate Internal Auditor) with Delta Hotels as the new start-up chain organization was founded.
Subsequent – on going studies completed with Langara College, King Edward Adult Center, British Columbia Institute of Technology, U.B.C., Distance Learning, included – Marketing. Industrial Relations. Business Administration. Business Accounting. Sales Training. Advertising. International Affairs. Import/Export, Economics. Real Estate, on going adult development courses as required to upgrade personal skills.

Numerous courses in computer programming, e-content design, network architecture, video production,and in particular, business (e-marketing, sales, advanced business modeling),and other up-grading programs have been on going as specific projects dictated.*With Public Company expertise,

I have served on, and continue to serve on the boards of both Canada and USA Company’s. Advisor too change over firms going from private to public. Current Companies include, Resource Mining, Communications (internet) and Environmental Green Energy delivery utilizing dirty waste plastics as fuel source developed with PENN STATE University and Korean unique patented Burner. 


With personal life experiences, there are decisive moments.
Serious. Dangerous. Humorous. Inspiring. Informative. Educational.
As a Professional Public Speaker and past member of ‘The Speakers Association of North America’ - Topics are open.

CONTACT – BOB (British Columbia, Canada) Email – clydesdalehouse (at)

(Photo - Hotel Management Training Session - San Pedro Sula )