Sunday, June 24, 2018

Tourism Development Worldwide.

City or Rural. Tourism Development is accelerating rapidly around the world. Work with the knowledge our expertise is current and leading edge. We work with the tools of the future. Extremely proud to have assisted GAMLP La Paz “7 Wonder Cities of the World” designated. 

Director and Deputy Director National Chamber of Entrepreneur's Taraz Kazakhstan setting standards for Tourism Development. 2000 year old history on the Silk Road. Taraz enjoyed major International attention with the 2017 EXPO held in Astana, Kazakhstan. The world discovered the fabled lands historic significance. 
(Now 2018, the Exposition proved highly successful for Kazakhstan's growing economy.) 

Officials of the Bureau of Conventions and Meetings San Pedro Sula Honduras developing long term strategy for the magnificent new Convention Centre recently completed. It opens the door for Honduras to be the epi-center of the Geo-Political world in Central America for vital meetings and gatherings. The Conference Centre stands equal to any. Congratulations San Pedro Sula.  Honduras! 
Galapagos/Ecuador assessing Tourism Assets and developing strong Branding identity Deputy Mayor Puerto Ayero, Ivvone Torres Tourism Director,  Canadian Government Representative Ana Saenz.  The Re-Branding of Lonesome George the Galapagos iconic Turtle destined for expanded World Wide recognition.

“Proven Strategic Thinker And A Results Driven Marketer. 
Senior Business Strategist, Coach, and “hands on” real time practitioner who can claim measurable personal accomplishments. In a world where there are two basic types of industry influencers: entrepreneurs-those who are predisposed to work independently and: corporate leaders-those who can lead and work well in a team, Bob is a rare individual who understands and thrives in both environments. A genuine Change Agent recognizing the values of tradition and progress. One of the best!” (Un-paid Associate quote) Thank you Laurie!


Deputy Mayor Puerto Ayora Santa Cruz Galapagos presenting the coveted city turtle created from recycled glass. The adaptation represents the strong recycling, recovery, conservation policies. Puerto Ayora is a working example how cooperative process can produce exceptional results.

                  Sr. Bladimir Armijos Vivanco Mayor Yantzaza Ecuador. Everybody talking Tourism Development.
                  Schuar women present Bob with warm greetings in Schuar Community. Amazonia Yantzaza.