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National Tourism College Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Africa
                                                Customer Service Training - Hotels Georgetown Guyana,
 Legacy Award presented by Wendy Harris CEO of CESO and Member of Parliament Jenny Kwan for services shared.
R.G. (Bob) Tuss

Business Development Solutions
“ A unique mosaic in that the principles of Business Development are woven with imagination, vision and disciplined practical expertise. The true ‘gift’ of reaching deep, bringing out the best in colleagues and client’s.”

       Ask your Consultants if they have ACTUALLY done what they advise you to do?
 We have!  
 Coaching, Advisor, Consultant, Trainer

* Hotel & Resort - Full Management & International Marketing Expertise
* Restaurant and Food Services Management/Training.
* Customer Service Training Hospitality Industry
* Hotel Cloud Based Mgt Systems & Online Marketing Channel Integration
*Tourism Marketing Plans - Broad to Strategic niche targets
* Community Tourism Strategic Planning. Action Plans - Towns, City, State, Federal
*  Indigenous Touristic Development Worldwide. Rural & Remote, Farm Tourism
* Website & Social Media Marketing, Full Digital Marketing Services. Website & Video Optimization, Analytics, SEO, ONLINE Marketing Expert
* Service Culture Training
* Sales Training - Basic to multi-layered complex applications
* Crisis Management
* Tour Packaging F.I.T. & Effective Profitable Experiential Group Packaging
* Tourism Audit, Indexing, Evaluation
* Needs Assessment
* Security Solutions - Simple to Complex. Logistics, Personal & Corporate Safety
* Personal Courier High Security Documents. Seasoned
* Coffee Officianado.
Professional Video Productions. Award Winning. Affordable. Created by OZ Yilmaz
Sample Video

                                                         THE CLIENTS
Hotel & Resorts, Tour, Travel &Tourism Development, Stakeholder Liaison, Tourism Providers. Community. Government. 
*Trends - *Mission Crafting *Image - Branding - eCommerce Marketing - Website, SEO and Effective Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ YouTube, Instagram, etc. )
* Risk Assessment. High Level Security Solutions. Harden soft targets.  
* Hospitality & Tourism Provider Website Development & Video Productions

Proven Performance Worldwide! Testimonials say it best!
"You are surely the best consultant in the world! I remember hearing about blogging for the first time from you when no one in Armenia had any idea about it."  Lilit - Yerevan Armenia. 

More Photos - 
La Paz Bolivia Tourism Symposium La Paz Territory Tourism Development.
Cartagena Colombia, Palenque Community Business Development Review. Pijao Colombia, Coffee Farming and 'Slow City' Pijao President, Tourism and Product Promotion.  

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Tourism Development Worldwide.

City or Rural. Tourism Development is accelerating rapidly around the world. Work with the knowledge our expertise is current and leading edge. We work with the tools of the future. Extremely proud to have assisted GAMLP La Paz “7 Wonder Cities of the World” designated. 

Director and Deputy Director National Chamber of Entrepreneur's Taraz Kazakhstan setting standards for Tourism Development. 2000 year old history on the Silk Road. Taraz looks to major International attention with the 2017 EXPO being held in Astana, Kazakhstan. The world will discover fabled history for real.  

Officials of the Bureau of Conventions and Meetings San Pedro Sula Honduras developing long term strategy for the magnificent new Convention Centre recently completed. It opens the door for Honduras to be the epi-center of the Geo-Political world in Central America for vital meetings and gatherings. The Conference Centre stands equal to any. Congratulations San Pedro Sula.  Honduras! 
Galapagos/Ecuador assessing Tourism Assets and developing strong Branding identity Deputy Mayor Puerto Ayero, Ivvone Torres Tourism Director,  Canadian Government Representative Ana Saenz.  The Re-Branding of Lonesome George the Galapagos iconic Turtle destined for expanded World Wide recognition.

“Proven Strategic Thinker And A Results Driven Marketer. 
Senior Business Strategist, Coach, and “hands on” real time practitioner who can claim measurable personal accomplishments. In a world where there are two basic types of industry influencers: entrepreneurs-those who are predisposed to work independently and: corporate leaders-those who can lead and work well in a team, Bob is a rare individual who understands and thrives in both environments. A genuine Change Agent recognizing the values of tradition and progress. One of the best!” (Un-paid Associate quote) Thank you Laurie!


Deputy Mayor Puerto Ayora Santa Cruz Galapagos presenting the coveted city turtle created from recycled glass. The adaptation represents the strong recycling, recovery, conservation policies. Puerto Ayora is a working example how cooperative process can produce exceptional results.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

BUILDING - Leadership. Entrepreneurship. Motivation.

 Bertrand Russell wrote, Never try to discourage thinking, for you are sure to succeed.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Crafting Your Success - TOURISM PIONEER

Rural Tourism Development - Philippines
Checking out exciting tourism product found in remote island areas. Creating infrastructure strategies. Bob Tuss, International Marketing expert, and Industry Pioneer, listens carefully to local concerns and comments. Bob has developed Strategic Tourism Action Plans in numerous developing countries around the world from eco, rural, indigenous, community, towns, cities and nations.

* Now Semi-Retired. Accepting limited International Assignments. Advice you can bank on. Do you want somebody proven really good OR do you just want some - body?

YES - We train the Trainers and we train staff Marketing and Sales Techniques uniquely fitting.

PHOTOS - Phillipines District Tourism Assessment, 
Dar es Salaam Tanzania Hospitality Managers we Train the Trainers, La Paz Bolivia Training given to Bolivian Tourism Stakeholders. La Gusta Restaurant. South America's leading Chef Kamilla Seidler.

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Tourism Expertise - FOR HIRE The 'extra' mile!

TOURISM SPECIALIST -Robert G. Tuss DMATP  (Semi-Retired)

Past member A.C.T.A., A.S.T.A., S.I.T.E., P.A.T.A., UFFTA, N.T.B., T.I.A.C., P.T.A.C., U.S.T.B., Founding member - Vancouver A.M & T.I.A.B.C., the forerunner of C.O.T.A. * Now renamed T.I.A.B.C. President, Tourism Industry Association of British Columbia. Downtown Vancouver Business Association - Chair Tourism, Vancouver Board Of Trade - Chair Tourism, British Columbia Provincial Chamber Of Commerce, U.S.A. National Speakers Association. Board and Chair of numerous Tourism Task Forces at municipal, provincial, state, federal and international conferences and organizations. M.I.C.E. Association.

Volunteer to CESO/SACO, represented through CIDA/DFATD - Canada Government Foreign Affairs. Roster Member TAM-BAS, "Turnaround Management & Business Advisory Services Programme". London, United Kingdom.

Member - International Crisis Room 360  ICR360 International Security Professionals

Pioneer member - Distinguished Member of Association of Tourism Professionals. DMATP

Recipient - *Life Time - 'William Van Horne Visionary Award' in Tourism Development.  British Columbia Government & Tourism Industry of British Columbia.
*Canadian Executive Service Organization - Cyril A. Peachey Legacy Award 2017

Published Author -Troika - Operation Siberia. Armenia Caper. Checkmate Armenia - Touch Move. Baku - Oil on the Fire. Kazakhstan - 'Radioactive Jane', The High impact of Technology on the Tourism Industry. Tour Packaging Success. Siege Over Sochi. Rumble On Clydesdale Street.

Photos - Edge of the Salt Flats Bolivia South America/Winter 2010 Olympic Mascots Vancouver Canada.
Costumes now displayed in BC Sports Hall Of Fame. Palenque, Galapagos/Equador meeting Evolution, Tourism Information Officers, Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Ecuador training session.
 Asopraduse Candy Making Factory Cartagena Colombia.   Bob on the other hand is now likely back on the road. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS - Strategies that work!

R.G. (Bob) Tuss DMATP
Recipient -
William Van Horne Visionary Award Peer & Government Recognition -                   More than 55 Yrs - Visionary International Tourism Marketing & Business Development.


Recent Projects: Multiple Country Visitations.
Galapagos/Ecuador,Tanzania, Honduras Multiple,*Kazakhstan Multiple, *Bolivia - Multiple , *Colombia Multiple,*Guyana - Multiple*Azerbaijan - Multiple, *Georgia -Multiple, Uzebekstan, *Armenia-Multiple,  *South East Asia,       *Eastern Europe, *Russia-Multiple, *Siberia-Multiple, *Middle East *Canada-Multiple, *USA, *Philippines-Multiple, *Peru, *South Korea, *Japan, *Germany- Multiple, *Austria-Multiple.



“Understanding OWNERSHIP…… is having experienced ownership.” (My quote)

Photos - La Casa del Sombrero Familia Hurtado, Suaza, Huila, Colombia. & Boarder Camp Southern Urals/Northern Kazakhstan) Newly minted Touristic Policia in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. Salt Flats Bolivia. Selecting precious specialty coffee beans Finca La Floresta Cittaslow Pijao, Colombia. Tourism Office La Paz (Salt Block Table & Seats)
Dar es Salaam Tanzania Hospitality Managers Training. Municpal Tourism Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Galapagos Hotel Manager Synposium. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

STRATEGIC MARKETING - Explore The Potential!

Sure, anyone can tell you anything about themself, but, performance rests with testimonials and legacy.

Up Your Goals And Increase The Rewards!
Robert G Tuss
Have Passport. Will Travel.

clydesdalehouse (at)
Photo -Ancient Zoroastrians Fire Worship Temple, Azerbaijan
Hotel Managers Ethics Training - San Pedro Sula Honduras  
Coffee Growers Armenia District Colombia B & B
Planning Session GAMLP La Paz Tourism Bolivia
Inbound/Outbound Travel Tez Group Taraz, Kazakhstan 

Friday, July 28, 2017


Graffiti & Testimonials(Photo - Tourism Ministry Quezon, Philippines)
Thanks Bob, You've been good for our business. From the Chamber of good luck, and hope to see again in a modified Kazakhstan - Акынбеков Азамат,
Палата Предпринимателей Жамбылской области

Dear Bob - On behalf of the Province of British Columbia, I would like to congratulate you on your recent William Van Horne Visionary Award, presented to you by Tourism British Columbia and the Council of Tourism Associations of British Columbia (COTA) at the B.C. Tourism Industry Conference held earlier this year. I want to thank you for your role in developing British Columbia's tourism industry. It is your vision and creativity that led to the creation of the Tourism Industry Association of BC, which led to the eventual creation of COTA, a strong voice for tourism in our province. - *COTA now renamed TIABC
Sincerely Stanley B. Hagen, Minister
Tourism, Sport and the Arts

Robert (Esquire)
“The Queen has commanded me to thank you. The Queen hopes for great success and sends her best wishes to you.”
Kenneth Scott - Her Majesty’s Secretary
(Buckingham Palace)

“Always enjoy our times together; the rewards of our friendship has always been the candour and the schemes.”
Rick Antonson – President/CEO Tourism Vancouver & Chair IACVB International Assoc. of Convention & Visitor Bureaus. Washington DC

“Your dedicated consultation and service with our hotel projects this 4 last years our families thanks you.”
Mr. H. Naya, President / Dr. Sen (Tea Master)
Urasenke Foundation
Kyoto, (Japan)

“ You are an awfully good hotel man. You did all the right things.”
Raymond Willie Jr.(Dallas)

You are surely the best consultant in the world! I remember hearing about blogging for the first time from you when no one in Armenia had any idea about it . Lilit. 

" I have worked with Bob extensively and under the most difficult of circumstances. He has a strong substantive knowledge and understanding of technical issues, and, he is one of the best guys I know to have by your side in any battle.”
Michael Meyer (Hollywood California)

Thanks Bob. It is always a pleasure to work with you and have your visit to my country (Bolivia). I hope you will return again, your experience and professionalism are always valuable and appreciated.
Best regards,

Carlos (Country Representative Government) 

“ Dear Bob. Writing to you from Armenia with great love & respect. We are missing you so much! We are going to exceed your expectations and please, you also write to us when possible. The promotion of our next Silk Road Rally is going to start in December and will be run in August. Hasmik and Karen send you best regards! We are looking forward to seeing you soon again. Lots of good wishes, kind reflections and thoughts”. (Your students from Adventour Travel and Motor Club /Yerevan/Armenia) 

The Management  and Staff and the Membership of the Tourism & Hospitality Association of Guyana with the sincerest appreciation of your services
Teresa Bett Director

Robert Tuss, under service contract, was the recent Executive Director of Karate BC, British Columbia's only sanctioned organization for Karate in the Province of B.C. With over 130 Clubs and some 4,000 plus members Karate BC is recognized by Sport BC, The B.C. Provincial Government Community, Art & Sport Ministry, Karate Canada and holds World Karate Federation status."One of the most crucial tasks of the Executive Director is to help the Board of Directors with planning. Mr. Tuss was instrumental in ensuring that our recently completed 5 year Planning Session was a successful venture. Niche marketing was also a key topic. Mr Tuss was an invaluable participant." Dan Wallis, President - Karate BC

Exciting and Educational, Sept. 5 2014
Sara LinvilleThis review is from: The Armenia Caper: Where Spies Shake Hands and Devils Hide. Alluring Unpredictable and Always Dangerous (Hunter Blacke Chronicles Book 1) (Kindle Edition) I found this book to be incredibly exciting. The author creates characters that are extremely dynamic in such a short story. The history and cultural facts that the author included in his story were very interesting and helped to paint a better picture of the setting. I also liked how it was written in a sort of cavalier way, whereas the character has a certain bit of cheekiness and sarcasm to him, making him incredibly relatable, to me anyway. The author did an extraordinary job making an exciting, fast paced short story and that can be hard to do. There was action, mystery and a hint of romantic interest that made me want to read more. I actually loved this short story so much, I would love it if the author decided to make it a whole novel with a bit more detail! He is a very good write! I recommend this book 100% Sara
Unbelievably addictive (Checkmate Armenia - Touch Move)
on September 8, 2014
This great book had incredible suspense to it. I can't believe I was hooked up after just a few pages, and I finished the book in a few hours. Great story, and perfectly written!
 We have recently received notification of your work overseas. Our country is strengthened at home and abroad with these contributions. I would like to thank you for your efforts on behalf of the people of Canada for the generous gift of your time and talents. We appreciate having you in our community.”
John Cummins
M.P. House of Commons

“ I would like to compliment you and all those that have been associated with completion of the interactive video systems and video displays. You should be very proud of your participation and I am glad it has worked out so well.”
David Podmore, President B. C. Pavilion EXPO 86/Jimmy Pattison Chairman
(British Columbia)
 Significant results were observed from the training and mentoring provided by Tuss to 26 individuals employed by small and medium sized hotels/restaurants in Honduras. The transfer of knowledge and ideas enabled many family business owners to create and implement marketing plans utilizing new technology platforms. The associates have taken advantage of emerging trends of using social media to better promote the city’s tourism. This has also led to increased revenues from special events. Participant hotels continue to exhibit a greater awareness and understanding of the importance to invest time and money on technology and position themselves to be more competitive for local and international tourists.
Please consider San Pedro Sula your home anytime, you will always be welcome.
Dora Suazo President
CANATURH SPS Board of Directors

Amazing amazing book!!
 December, 2014
Verified Purchase
I absolutely fell into the pages of this book. I enjoyed every vivid characters and smiled at the fact that they were at one point real people. The story definitely provides a strong sense of reality. The author was able to convey such images to the reader that could bring one to tears. The characters become very real, you want to reach out to them. I was immersed in the scenery. This is a must read and I do recommend this book out to my friends to read. I hope that they enjoy it as much as I did because Robert G. Tuss is one heck of an amazing author. I give this book a 5 star rating because I found it interesting from beginning to end.

"Hi Bob. We've been emailing back and forth the past few days about the wording on a contract I've been preparing and it reminded me on how much I appreciate your extensive travel industry knowledge and our 30 years of friendship. You have often been helpful in keeping my mind focussed rather than allowing it to beat around a topic. You are very much appreciated, Bob. - George
George Bell President/Owner
Bell Tours & Travel
Ocean Park, British Columbia, Canada

Hi Bob,
We have improved a lot as a tourism chamber...we are now considered an example nationalwide....believe it or not hehehehe as you know we have this major event Expo Copan, the 1st time was really good but the second time it was huge...we are very pleased...and we have taken many of your advices into consideration and they have really made a difference.
Let me tell you that we as a coffee shop have achieved national first place in tripadvisor in the category of coffeeshops and restaurants..we are really proud...maybe someday we can grow as a franchise...we are now certified in a central american quality seal for restaurants and coffee shop named SICCS, we got the highest rank, so ive been working in my processes and procedures.
Blessings...Jorge Altamirano 

Hi Robert…. I think you did some great things as they related to the BC Games and I know you had a great deal of enthusiasm for the Games.
KJM - BC Games Chair

 Muy agradecidos por tu trabajo. Estamos pendientes de terminar la traducción, que nos permita tener una visión clara y contundente de tus recomendaciones.
Mil gracias.
Jefe Dpto. Promoción y Desarrollo
Cámara de Comercio de Neiva, Colombia

“ The quality and diversity of the discussions at my table was extremely valuable. The occasion was precisely the right forum to advance creative and cooperative thinking among community members. Thank you for sharing.”
Joy Leach
(Island Community Mayor)

“Thank you for your help, thank you for your attention. I’m sure your advises will help us to improve our business.”
Eduard Edokov/the General Director Alliance Marketing Group
Alatau Health Resort & Interlux Country Club (Central Asia’s only golf course)
Almaty, (Kazakhstan)

“ It is not very often that a group of students will unanimously agree that one instructor stands out so significantly. We are imploring your return next year! Classes will be dull without you.”
B.C. Institute of Technology (B.C.I.T.) Students.

“ Thank you for your days with us. Now we are missing for our joint working days. Every time we will happy to see in Baku again. By for now Mr. Bob.”
Kamran. “ P.S. Got our IATA! Thank you for assistance."
Kamran Gajar/Director Global Travel Agency
Baku, (Azerbaijan)

“Hey Bob. I will keep you updated on the issues of our cooperation with the Tourism Minister. You are a very business orientated person and I like this approach a lot. You did a great job with these guys.”
Elnur Allahverdiev/Country Representative-

“ Dear Bob – You gave us new perspective within which to view the Tourism Program. Your enthusiasm and commitment were infectious. We will introduce the changes you have proposed. Our best wishes and see you."
Ester V. Tan Ed.D Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Foundation University – Philippines

" This is the third time I have had the pleasure of congratulating you for your efforts on behalf of the Canadian Executive Services Organization. At the request of the Foundation University in Dumaguete City in the Philippines, you were asked to develop a comprehensive curriculum and course syllabi for a hospitality, restaurant and tourism program and to conduct skills training for the faculty. My understanding is that your outstanding efforts were much appreciated.
Once again, thank you for your generous time and expertise."
Your truly.
John Cummins, Member Parliament, Canada

Hello, Robert! Your report for sure is very important, useful and helpful for us! We are trying to follow every your word and do our best to improve our business. Best regards, Russian girl Ann. Anna M Abdrakhmanova - Agency Translator
Sputnik Tours – Chelyabinsk Russia

“As staff, you all know I have purchased another hotel that will take up a considerable amount of my time over the next few months. During this transition period, Bob, as interim Managing Director, brings with him a history of extensive knowledge and experience in the hotel and tourism industry. We are privileged to have him aboard and have the opportunity to be able to work with him and benefit from his expertise. Focus will be on restructuring positions, teamwork and professional growth under Bob’s direction.”
Melvina White – Hotel Owner
(British Columbia)

"Thanks Bob, you are AMAZING!"(Brenda Ireland MBA, Project Director - The Upper St’át’imc Language, Culture & Education Society (USLCES) Cultural Centre Project – Lillooet B.C. Canada)

“ I found your report excellent and insightful. It is my intention to use your report to frame out, a decision piece from where we can focus on moving forward. The area of Technology and change is massive. Your ability to provide a manageable examination of this major subject is an achievement in itself.”
Thomas Penny, Manager Corporate Systems.
(Government of Canada)

“ We would like to thank you for your earlier assistance in program development of the Foundation Program in Tourism Management and hope you are satisfied with the final product. Your continued support with our now formed Advisory Committee is welcomed.”
Leslie Triplett/Director of Management Studies.
(Simon Fraser University)
 “ I am honored to have been presented with this Canadian tourism Medal presented by the Canadian Government. As you have contributed greatly to our Tourism Industry I’m pleased to share the award with much appreciation for your personal dedication.”
Grace M. McCarthy, Deputy Premier
(Province of British Columbia)

“ You have truly done a great job for us.”
Pat Jordan, Minister of Tourism (Province of British Columbia)

“ I have known Bob on a business basis for the past 34 years. First when I was a Bank Manager, throughout my tenure including Senior Divisional Executive in Bank’s regional headquarters, and in more recent years as a private sector businessman. I have never received any negative feedback from mutual contacts about his business ethics or character. A character yes, with a quick mind, logical thinker and one who embraces new ideas and concepts turning them into mainstream opportunities. I am quite prepared to recommend Bob to any endeavor he undertakes.
Brian Hann. Franchise/Consultant/Independent Business)

“Thank you profusely for your insight, graphic and ho holds barred techniques. I can’t believe the whole thing! What was I thinking before?Anonymous & rejuvenated Senior Executive (Ottawa, Canada)

“Thank you again for your very kind words. Your address was warm, meaningful and intuitive. Gordon *(Shrum) Grace *(McCarthy) and I enjoyed both your words, and our lunch together. I congratulate you on the Asia Pacific Project Bob. It is always a pleasure to work with you.”
Pat Carney, Senator

"You have gone overseas many times to assist developing countries:by my account, this was your fifth time to Armenia alone. It seems that your reputation has grown to the point where the people in Armenia request your advice and assistance. Kudos to you for sharing your experience and expertise to businesses throughout the world." John Cummins M.P. House of Commons (Canada)
 “May I take this opportunity of extending to you our heart felt appreciation and thanks for a job well done. Both B.C.I.T. and the Industry will benefit from your deliberations. Again, many thanks for the tremendous job that you have done Bob.”
John D. Kyle, PhD Dean School of Business
British Columbia Institute of Technology

“On behalf of the Economic Development Association of this Province I would like to thank you. Without your professional contribution our Spring Conference would not have been such a great success.”
Annemarie Koch, Conference Organizer

“You can be justifiably proud of your contribution and ultimately to the economic growth of the region and our province. You have helped create a memorable and worthwhile event that will benefit the entire community.”
Stanley B. Hagen, Minister. Regional and Economic Development
(Province of British Columbia)
 "Dear Bob - This is the fourth time I have had the pleasure of congratulating you for your efforts on behalf of the Canadian Executive Services Organization. I understand that you went again to Baku, Azerbaijan and advised a travel company on establishing co-operation with international partners. You also developed a website to international standards, conducted training in marketing and sales techniques and provided recommendations on tour packaging and sales techniques manuals. Thank you again for sharing your professional knowledge and experience to help others internationally."
John Cummins, Member of Parliament
Delta-Richmond East/ Canada

Managing Director – Dorchester Hotel – Dear Bob-
“Just a note to thank you for being such a gracious host. Your (Chef’s Table) was wonderful. Wasn’t our group unique? The conversation was lively, the atmosphere congenial and the “repas” was brilliant. My appreciation to the creator of such a superb dinner. It is so refreshing to see the business community have the opportunity to meet in such a pleasant venue. Once again Bob, Thank you.”
Nicole Ney/School District Director – Vancouver Island, British Columbia
“ I applaud you for your courage, and fortitude for bringing up these issues and wish you the best in being able to change the trend that is already in the travel industry. I offer my services to help spread the word to those who need to be informed.”
Peter Armstrong Vice President & General Manager/Gray line,
(and - later – CEO/Founder The legendary ‘Rocky Mountaineer’ Rail Tours.) Canada

“Wow. I get it now! Thank you for pulling us out of the dark. There is something akin to shadow boxing here. Your skills Bob, kind of sneak up on you.”
Random – Industry Quote

“The effort, the knowledge and time you have given to us is gratefully acknowledged. Thank you for sharing Bob.” (Major Industry Competitor)

Hi again.
Thanks. Just admirable. One should learn from your tough motivation!
Best regards.
Hayk Antonyan, Yerevan, Armenia

"Robert, your many strengths and skills, such as international experience with knowledge of Asian and European cultures, and expertise in both marketing and operations all contribute to the Gappanna Estates (GENA Trading Group) way of doing business."
GENA TRADING GROUP/Gappanna Estates, Karnataka, India
Iychettiera M. Ganapathy, Managing Director

“ Dear Bob. Once again, thank you for the valuable contribution of your time, energy, and, above all, your years of knowledge and experience. You have been valued “goodwill ambassadors” for CESO and for Canada.”
(Gordon Cummings – President and Chief Executive Officer)
CESO International Services

Attention: H.E. Ambassador Mr. R. Lysyshyn
Your Excellency,
As a volunteer working in the Communications Department of the Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO), I thought you might like to have a copy of a recent letter sent to a Canadian Member of Parliament. The assignment described is in a geographic area of interest to you.
Graciela Ronderos

Delta – Richmond East
Dear Mr. Cummins,
You will be interested to know about one of your constituents who recently completed an assignment for CESO. You may wish to mention this during your 60-second special announcement time in the House, and/or in your constituency newsletter, or send along a congratulatory note.

Mr. Bob Tuss went to Chelyabinsk, Russia, to work with a hotel focussed on health treatments, to improve management of its facilities and train staff in western standards of customer service. Bob assessed the current status of the property, operations, marketing techniques and customer relations, and wrote a report containing guidelines for management and marketing. He introduced western models of hotel management, marketing and customer services. Staff skills and the quality of housekeeping have improved. Bob emphasized the need for modernization of the sanatorium adjacent to the hotel and designed material for a “Day Spa.” He advised developing a partnership with tourism associations and the Chelyabinsk hospital to access potential guests.

CESO is celebrating its 40th anniversary. For all these years, volunteers like Bob, and other highly skilled individuals, have been using their professional expertise and experience to help others. CESO volunteers have put a human face on Canada through their assignments abroad and, beginning in 1969, through a series of national programs, have worked with Aboriginal peoples, women, youth and communities across Canada.

CIDA, INAC and hundreds of Canadian corporations and individuals support CESO. We are proud to be part of Canada’s effort to stimulate development in our country and in disadvantaged economies around the world. We thank you for your support of our initiatives and those of your constituent.
Yours truly,
Paul van der Wel
President & CEO
Celebrating the year of the Volunteer

Bob - It's a real pleasure working with a VA who is both creative and accommodating! Your proposal was a good one, and I'm glad it worked out. Once again thanks for being so cooperative.             Bruce Chambers - Canadian Overseas Executive Organization

Hi Bob,

The Tour guide/Director proposed is a very important contribution to CESO Assignments. Thanks for giving us this precious information manual.It is generous of you to give your time and share your expertise with those who are in great need of support.

Many thanks and best regards!
Jules Rheault CESO/CIDA

“ I shaved my legs for this? Thank you for your honesty. No one else told us the truth.”
Judy Parker Owner/Chez Michael Restaurant.

The TILLEY never fails you. Purchased in 1991 this amazing hat has seen it all. TILLEY's John Tilley signed this one and it is headed for a Collection Edition. New one is the Mash Up again with life time guarantee and a likely close companion on future travels.

DIFFERENCE COUNTS“Graffiti & Testimonials” are random selections from written acknowledgements received un-solicited from colleagues and client’s.*There are numerous additional testimonials available as required.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


BOB'S PRIORS - Include - proudly being associated in cornerstone employment and in various direct ownership roles – Career Highlights

Most Recent Projects: Multiple Assignments.
Africa, South America/Central America/Baltics/Grand Caucasus/Central Asia/South East Asia/Russia/Siberia/Middle East/Eastern Europe/North America


Western Canada Steel Limited/Cominco (Paymaster & Plant Security. 1,800 employees including Pacific Bolt and Vancouver Rolling Mills.

Hilton Hotels International (Management Training) Hotel Vancouver, Canada.

An “original member & incubator”
Delta Hotel’s (Corporate Internal Auditor {Head Office} and assisting Management - Openings of all new Hotels in British Columbia.) Part of the original team working directly with                       William (Bill) Pattison Founder and Chair and with Dick Farmer Company CFO.

Hotel Real Estate Development & Sales. (Abbot Realty) Harry Gofsky Hotel Sales Legend

“Original” #1-Sunflight/Suntour Holiday/Royal Bank liaison and travel marketing executive opening up Western Canada with Sid Young, Legendary Advertising Executive, and Dennis Gill celebrated CEO Suntours Canada.
Canada Manager-"Original" -Freddy Laker/Canada/British ABC Air Charters. Founder Freddy Laker, one of Europe's most notoriously innovative Air Carrier Cavalier's.

“Original”#1-All Fun Holidays/Silverwing Vegas/Reno Coach & Ward Air/PWA tours.
Marketing Director and Air Tour Development. First Canada Charters Las Vegas/Reno Nevada.

a)Originated first Canada air charters to Nevada. b)Largest land coach service weekly to Nevada. 

The “original” Western Airlines “Magic Weeks In Canada” Founder/Operator of 56 original FIT & Touring programs in Canada. Incentive, Adventure, Classic, Eco.“Original” Reel Fishing Adventures. First Canada-wide Sport Fishing catalogue and operation with 7 major airlines both domestic & international.

“Original” Travelvision/Mediavision – First Video Travel Brochures and development of
First fully integrated IBM Desk Top computer controlled Kiosk display and information systems (Highlighted) at
EXPO 86 – Developed content, video display and technology -*First World Display of multiple touch screen kiosk systems coupled with Slave Monitors portraying British Columbia Tourism. B.C. Pavilion. Government Project Director. Time forward to Internet. Unique proprietary technical projects morphed to Internet use.

Club Universe/Unitours Southern California’s most successful Tour Operator headed by shear genius Michael Alford (sold to Thompson Holidays) 5 years GSA and Canada Marketing Agent.

"Original" Incubator Member - Creation of the British Columbia Okanagan Wine Festival started in Kelowna BC with Bob Sheeley Tourism Okanagan and Brian Garden then Manager of the Pop Capozzi, Capri Hotel.

"Original"Global Travel Canada, Sunshine Travel, Agencies. Founding member/owner/operator.
Travelmaster Australia – High end Outback and Travel tours. Qantas/Continental Air.

"Original" MediaVision- Media-Videotex – Founding “pioneer’s of Touch Screen Kiosk’s” 1st. totally integrated, remote operated, independent managed screen node’s via one PC. - Forerunner to Internet development and deployment. (A PDA, Cell Phone, PC Screen is a "kiosk" in your hands.)Developed "Original" first Airline Kiosk Ticketing & Reservation Technology. First demonstrated as the feature technology EXPO 86 British Columbia Pavilion.

"Original" Imporex – Public Entity Interim CEO “Pioneer” Internet real time video streaming, Real time video distribution and quality high-speed peer point server network. SDSN - movies via Internet. CEO/Director.

"Original" GR - Technologies Co. Ltd. Korea - Alternative Energy Technology creating Heat & Power from agricultural & industrial waste plastics - North America - Director Development.

Urasenke Foundation – Official Tea Masters (Kyoto Japan) Hotel & Resort Development.
Managing Director - Canada

Managing Director Karate BC - 4,500 Member strong Provincial Organization, Internationally accredited.

Ravenhill Risk Control (High Level Security International)
International Operations Manager for an elite team of ex Canadian Military and ex RCMP working to train service personnel overseas and combat Oil & Gas Terrorism as well as Marine Services.

***BENTLEY PACIFIC INVESTMENTS INC. - operative contractor on all projects owned solely and operated consistently from 1978 until 2000. Retired Company.* Many other smaller projects are meshed throughout this period as well. ie: teaching Tourism - B.C.I.T.(British Columbia Institute Of Technology), lectures, Tourism course development, Marketing, etc. with senior secondary institutions and Universities over 13-year period.

Economic Development Seminars – Conducted Provincial Government Community Seminars in most all towns in British Columbia, helping pioneer Regional Tourism and Economic Strategies. Strategies included such areas as Tourism, Mining, Micro-Hydro and Solar energy solutions.

'First Nations Aboriginal Tourism' Tourism Projects - British Columbia, Canada. 'On Reserve' work in developing Business Fundamentals and Marketing Training related to Reserve economic focus.

AND many more…Luxe Saturno Italian Supper Club, Witchita North Night Club, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Fast Food (Maza Bars -Mediterranean) franchises. American Diners. Medical Tourism & Spa Projects. 

Proven Performance -  “ The proof is in the proof."

Professional Associates World Wide. Want expertise, experience, learned advice? Call today. 

(PHOTO - Robert Tuss,  Winter in Satka Russia, Cliff Resort Rotonda, Southern Urals, Russia, Remote Philippines Island checking the sand bars) Cataratas Pulhapanzak Honduras. 

Friday, June 30, 2017

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